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Family Portrait Session

Hey. So I have one family photography option going here and I call it the VIBE Session. This session is fun, it's literally a walk in the park.  We can also take these photos at your home or in a restaurant or.... anywhere you and your family like to hang out. Really lets' just hangout, be real and take some photos.  I'd love to hear all about you - each and everyone of you. 


This photo session isn't a session for anyone looking to impress others with a perfect family photo. I'm not motivated by what others think. I want you to look at these photos and feel a celebration of your existence.

Investment $700 dollars.

It includes:     


The session and 50-80 Full Resolution photos sent to you via a downloadable link approximately 2 weeks after your session date.  

There will be group shots and portraits included.


** I spend time with each and every member of the family to insure no one is left out - every additional family member after 5 is an additional $50 fee**

NOTE:  These photos are to be a tangible memory of all the individual personalities in your family at this time of life.  Let the kids choose their own clothing.  If they are too young or unable to do so try laying out a few of their favourite things and let them pick. The best looking photos show a person's confidence.  Confidence comes from making your own decisions, being supported and representing yourself.   

Catalyst Portrait Session

This is the MAGIC. It's time to REPRESENT!


For work or daily life - bring in your tribe by sharing images that embrace and accentuate your authentic self.

You are coming into yourself.  You are starting to see the wealth inside of you that you’ve held back all the times before.  You are more in this moment than you have ever been before and you are only going up from here.  


You are a unique, intriguing human with bountiful qualities to share with the world. Let yourself be seen. Let the world see your glorious self. You are here for you. You are all you need to take the steps in this life.


I’m not here to give you imagery that you've seen before - of someone else. I am here to see you. Just you. As you are today. 


Share your story and vision with me. Tell me about all that is important to you and what sets your heart on fire. Together we can make imagery that shows who you are, what you are about and how stand out from the rest.

Investment $400

We will need a meet up (online or in person) to set the session up and ensure we capture it all.


Let's go to the spaces that make you feel your best. You will receive 50+ photos to use however you like, in every area of your life - personal, promotional, work, social media... Whatever, where ever these photos are of you and for you.    



** Travel fees could apply here if you live a great distance from where I am but email me and let's figure it out.**

SHE Project Sessions


Ok friends this is the QUEEN BEE of my sessions. I created this session with a pure and open heart. I believe that honest connection between women is a gift.  We are strong, beautiful creatures. When we connect authentically, while making art it is pure, soulful goodness. Come out to this session and be seen.  These images are made to honour ART + CONNECTION + WOMEN. These images only get shared with the world when you give permission and I only request sharing these images if you want to encourage other women to experience this project as well.  These images are a gift to yourself - an honest, uncurated version of you. These are not a projection of what you want to bring into your life going forward. These images are you today because the present is all we truly have. 

Investment $400 - All the photos are yours.

  • Dress for yourself - Wear something that makes you feel good and the most like you.

  • Hair down to start (it's easier to put it up then to take it down after you've had it up.)

  • Makeup as you like.

Email me to book this session and we can discuss location.  Location is a major part of the energy for this session.

This session is a life experience you won't regret.  

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